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Spiritual Coaching

My approach to spiritual coaching is based on the belief that we always have a choice and learning to accept what is leads to freedom and joy.

My intention is to guide you in opening up to your own still small voice and help you face the obstacles standing in your way. Part of that process is to shift your perception and help you see differently.

I have developed 6 healing principles that can guide you on that journey and have called them my Claireheart Process.

I work with people of all backgrounds and belief systems and was raised as a very devout Catholic for a number of years. I appreciate my faith as it has evolved and respect others belief systems as well.

The following are the 6 healing principles of my Claireheart Process that I have found extremely helpful in guiding people on their spiritual journey.

Healing Principles/Premises

1. You cannot change another person nor are you responsible for their choices.  Are you asking yourself how you could have made so and so do something different or blaming yourself for how someone you love is? If so, you are telling your self you can take away a persons free choice, you can Play God. Maybe that’s not your job. 

2. You ALWAYS have a choice. You can give your power to the person, place, thing, or situation. Or you can choose to take your power back and you decide how you will respond, how you will see that person, place, thing , or situation. It’s your choice.

Nothing happens without a reason. It is up to you to acknowledge and work with seeing everything as for your higher good, even when everything seems to say otherwise. How will you use your choice, your power? Will you see yourself as a victim or be at peace?

3. Whatever you PROJECT onto another person is something you have first seen within yourself. If you see goodness and compassion in another, you must have seen it first within yourself in some form. If you see anger, control, or manipulation, you must have first seen it within yourself, didn’t want to identify with it, so you projected it out onto someone else. It may be a different form of control or anger, but the content is the same.

4. You must RESIGN AS YOUR OWN TEACHER in order to be taught. If you think you know all the answers already how can you be open to any new thoughts. You have a wisdom within, your spiritual source, that is trying to teach you, support you, and guide you. If you don’t ask that wisdom, spiritual source, to help, you will end up struggling to try and figure everything out by your “self.”

Resigning as your own teacher will enable you to:

  • Make choices that will bring you peace instead of giving
    your power away.
  • Own your projections and ask for help in experiencing
    what your heart wants to deny.
  • Trust in a spiritual source other than your ego, the one
    that always wants to be right and be in control.
  • Be willing to be wrong about all your destructive
    feelings about yourself.
  • Be your own means to meet your emotional needs of
    Affection, Approval, Attention and Acceptance.

5. Accept the premise that you really do believe you are undeserving of love and ask for help from your spiritual source.

6. Be willing to accept yourself even when you don’t want help.

To receive help in applying my Claireheart Process to some emotional stress you may be having click on Contact. Private sessions are available by phone appointment and in person. Payment is optional and I would prefer donations in the form of a check mailed to the address listed on the website.