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Metaphysical Writings

The following are writings based upon my life experiences and study of A Course In Miracles. Some are separate articles and some prose. My Heart Speaks and is Answered is my Journaling in which I ask for help and my inner voice answers. These are heart felt written articles to inspire and challenge your perception of life as you see it. I believe you have to resign as your own teacher before you can hear with your heart.

Feel free to print or send them to someone who may be helped through their struggles in our journey through life. 

When Differences Don't Make A Difference

Have you ever noticed how much you try to be unique and different? Even as a child you were taught that you were special...Continue reading.

What REALLY Matters In My Life

Are you experiencing your life as overwhelming, chaotic, purposeless? Or is your so called “purpose” not bringing you the happiness and relief from what you thought it was...Continue reading.

My Heart Speaks And Is Answered...A collection of Journaling Topics

I have found that by letting my heart speak, no matter what it says, I have made room for help, room for an answer that would escape me if I kept running away from the feelings. My hope in sharing my words with you is that you too will feel free enough to let your heart speak and let it answer.

My pain is your pain and my hope is your hope.. We are not separate people experiencing the challenges in life alone. You may use different words to express your need for love. You may have had different life experiences that triggered your awareness of the deep need we all have to be loved.

Choose topics from the following to hear your heart listen and allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel. 

Please Accept Me

When we speak of “unconditional love” we want to be able to give it to others and receive it from others. Perhaps we need to take another look at what we are asking for...Continue reading. 

A Plea For Help

If you were to put words to that moment in time when you reach your bottom, where “self” is completely lost, what would it look like to your heart? The following was written on a day when I was feeling the utter aloneness and hopelessness of the world I was living in. It seemed I had tried getting relief in relationships, movies, friendships, listening to spiritual tapes, reading self help books and lots of supposedly appropriate ways. Nothing seemed to fill that deep hole within me. So I let my heart speak....Continue reading. 

From Jesus To You

One of the expressions of my heart after asking for help came out in the following verse...Continue reading.

I Am Not A Victim Of My World

Have you ever felt like you were finally experiencing some peace when all of a sudden the bottom of your world falls out again? Continue reading.

I Want My Someone Special

As we walk our journey, we often feel there has to be that “right” someone to make us happy. We also learn that we have to be enough for ourselves. In our spiritual paths we are asked to look at how we don’t think God/Jesus is enough. There must be someone “out there” to love me. The prose that follows addresses this dilemma in different ways...Continue reading.

The Pain

One way of helping yourself feel better is to give a place for your “feelings” to go. This is a verse about what was inside my heart and then what my heart said back to me....Continue reading.


Where am I, where am I going A small voice seems to ask. I want to know, to see to hear to really be secure. Continue reading.

A Revelation

I suddenly realized that after dreaming, wanting, desiring a close spiritual relationship with someone special that I was given that opportunity. Continue reading.


Though I bar the door, He cannot. For love would enter where it will. It lights in hearts unwilling to open, for fear of losing control...Continue reading.

Just This Much

What does pain look like when you’ve lost someone you deeply love? If you were to put wowrds to it, what would Your heart say...Continue reading.

My "Someone" Special

There was this man that I once knew who brightened up my life...Continue reading

Looking At Unconscious Compulsions In Our Relationships

In a normal experience most of us have a bonding, "blissful" connection with our parents for the first two or three years of our lives. Find out how our early childhood experience becomes a compulsion and affects our adult relationships...Continue reading.