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About Barbara Claire, M.Ed

I am the MOTHER OF TEN CHILDREN, and former elementary school teacher. I received my Masters Degree from the University of Louisville, with a specialty in Grief and Medical Counseling. I have worked with thousands of families experiencing loss both as a Bereavement Counselor through the funeral homes and as a Case Manager working with families of special needs children. A lot of my families were the parents of Autistic children.

My experience with Barbara Claire at HeartLinks was very helpful. I found the counseling sessions to be extremely uplifting. We addressed issues that,up until then,I had refused to look at or deal with. I am happier and healthier in both my physical existence as well as my spiritual existence. I have acquired a better understanding of how to evaluate daily situations and tackle the events that they bring.

— Kristin Ann Stewart

I am also a Spiritual Educator/Coach who has studied and practiced the spiritual psychology of A Course In Miracles for the past 30 years, given presentations and workshops. I also do Spiritual Growth Coaching. My approach is to help you find inner peace in the midst of Chaos from a Metaphysical perspective. I am a certified Hypnotherapist, certified Grief Counselor, and a student of the Enneagram and Astrology. Having "walked the walk" I bring to my work a sensitivity to people and a compassionate understanding of their challenges and strengths. I work with people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

...I personally look forward to working with Barbara Claire and I continue to be inspired by the integrity, the honesty, and the love she extends to everyone she encounters, professionally and personally. — Dr. Nolan Myers, Ph.D

My purpose as a Spiritual Educator/Coach and Writer is to empower people to make healing choices. My personal goal for myself and others is to help people reach beyond their imagined limits and experience their own inner peace.

I have experienced divorce, the death of my ex-husband to colon cancer and the more recent suicide of my beloved 42 year old son. These experiences along with many other life lessons have enabled me to grow spiritually and offer others understanding, guidance, and hope and purpose on their spiritual journey.

Make an appointment today and let me help you through life's often challenging and stressful journey. On-line/Phone/and In-Person sessions are available.
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