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The purpose of my web site is to share with you my personal journey of A BETTER WAY to inner peace.

I have learned through study and experience YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. You may not be able to CHANGE what is but you Always have a choice as to how to Respond to What is.

My METAPHYSICAL WRITINGS share with you the struggles and joys of listening to that Still Small Voice within each of us.

My CHALLENGING THOUGHTS give you a chance to think differently about quotes in some of my favorite inspirational books.

My INSIGHTS ON LOSS/GRIEF presents ways of understanding what grieving is and how you might help yourself process the feelings that are part of working through grief.

My SPIRITUAL COACHING approach shows how you can learn to see things differently and then make better choices. You will get a spiritual perspective on temporary issues that seem to keep you stuck.

May you find your visit here empowering to your Spirit...for we are all human beings trying to have a Spiritual Experience.

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