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The following comments are opinions based on personal spiritual research and experience. Feel free to challenge these opinions and take what helps, leave what doesn't. Feel free to contact me if you wish to explore these opinions and offer your own thoughts.

"When you rock the boat someone will tell you to sit down."
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, by Susan Jefferies, Ph.D.

Have you noticed that when you adopt a new way of thinking, choose a different spiritual path for yourself, or take a stand on something your peers don't agree with, you don't necessarily receive applause and affirmation. In seeking to find "yourself" you have probably threatened the security of those around you. Change not only affects you but those you live and work with. Does this mean you should retreat or consider yourself wrong? Does this mean you may be right and everyone else is wrong?

Consider that maybe everyone is right. You have now found a new way that works for you and what others are doing seems to work for them. No one changes until they feel there is a reason to change. In the mean time you are choosing what works for you, a spiritual path, way of thinking, or whatever choices that make you feel good. So is everyone else. If the time comes when you experience stress, discomfort, dissatisfaction, etc., then it is time to make another choice, even if that choice rocks the boat and threatens the security of what works for others. Expect them to tell you to "sit down" and know that what they are doing is right for them.

"I am always safe and divinely protected."
Empowering Women,by Louise L.Hay

If we really believed this maybe we would live our lives differently. Does this mean that we will never experience hurt or pain? Part of our human experience is hurt and pain because of choices we've made. These choices seem to be saying there has got to be a better way. We all make mistakes but the good news is we really are safe and divinely protected. Our essence and everyone else's essence as spirit/soul can never be destroyed. Sometimes we work hard at beating ourselves up or trying to be perfect. Maybe we need to acknowledge that "God doesn't make junk" and within all of us is a love He created that no one, not even us, can destroy. So maybe we can delay and procrastinate, even run away, but in the end, God will have His way and we will know we are always safe and divinely protected.

"Separation and distance are always the result of the pursuit of external power."
The Seat of the Soul,by Gary Zukav

Have you ever noticed how you really feel when you get angry or upset or even slightly disturbed by people, places, situation, or circumstances outside you? It's you against us or them. A distance or separation occurs and sometimes you may even think if feels good. Look, however, at how you have "given" your power to others to determine how you feel. It's as if you said to yourself, "if this person loved me, if so and so were different, if it wasn't raining, if my house were bigger, etc., I'd really be happy." Maybe you can't change the person, circumstance, or thing , but you do have a choice about whether to give your power away.

Consider that maybe you could choose to honor the power within you and keep your peace. You don't have to like everything that's happening but you can choose to respond differently. If you choose to feel separate and distant, remember, it is a choice you are making to give others power over you. Know that it's OK and consider that, when you are ready, you may want to change your choice.

"Any hurt we experience today is generated TODAY, not in our past."
Healing The Hurt Behind Addictions,by Carol M. Howe

If this is true then we can allow healing to happen TODAY. Consider that you are probably sub-consciously creating the hurt today because of what you believe about yourself. Use your power of choice today to reflect on what you REALLY believe about yourself. You can't change the person, place, thing, or situation, but you can be willing to be wrong about what you believe about yourself. Ask a Wisdom Outside Yourself to help you see any hurt you are experiencing differently. If you really want an answer, trust you will receive one. If you aren't ready to change your mind about yourself, remember it's OK. Just know it is your choice.

"...we are all addicted to avoiding pain."
When things Fall Apart,by Pema Chodron

Have you ever given any real thought to that statement? I suggest that we all try to be honest about pain and if we really looked at it, we might experience some joining with our fellow travelers. Sometimes telling ourselves the truth is the quickest way to healing. Before we can change our habits and avoid falling back into unhelpful patterns, we need to acknowledge why we developed them in the first place. If you follow the trail back to it's beginning , with a Wisdom Outside Yourself, you may find it WAS a way to avoid pain. Rejoice at your discovery because now you have opened the door to allowing that pain to be healed. And again, if you choose to stay stuck, it's OK. Just remember it is your choice.